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looping and music (was why pot before looping?)

>in a general sense, what is it about the concept
> of looping, that speaks to you?  -allows you to express something in
> yourself that the idea of music by itself, doesn't?

There's a tough one: "the idea of music by itself..." I believe that music
is what we bring to listening, so for me, anything that alerts me to higher
listening possibilities holds the potential for a musical experience.
Recently I've been very enamored of two distinct rhythmic forms: the
heartbeat rhythm of most popular music, and the wave rhythm of some
classical music, and of natural events like...waves! and wind, and slow
breathing. Looping creates these rhythms very easily. So when you ask:
>is it just  its context within music persay, or the concept
> of looping or repetition itself that  draws some of us to what it is  we
> do?...
my sense of it is that you are kinda asking, "did you have an idea before
you picked up the tool, or did the tool inspire the idea?"
To which I would cheerfully reply, "Both!"
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large
PS - Cara, were you playing loop-based music when you were wearing the cat
boidysuit and glitter? And what was your intention in using a more 
costume in your performance?