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Subject: Re:Mega compact looping rig

>> Im looking at my 2 8 unit racks and thinking there most be something 
>> moe compact i can use. I have the urge to move around a lot latley, 
>> so i was wondering what compact guitar rigs people are using ?

The key to small rigs is to give up a one or more things such as 
stereo, post-loop processing, or number of simultaneous loops.  For my 
"small" setup I use a Boss GT-3 on the floor, and a four-space rack 
with a power distributor, an SM-26 splitter/mixer, an EDP, and a 
RDS-8000.  This gives me two independently mixable loops with no post 
processing.  I still have an open send and return option on the SM-26 
with this setup, so I could patch in a pedal-looper, such as a PDS-8000 
or the Zoom 504 or Headrush.  Everything goes out to either the house 
PA  or a single amp, a Roland KC-300.

If you want to keep the option of post-loop processing, you could 
replace one of the rack loopers with a processor and maybe swap out the 
inexpensive SM-26 for an SM-82 or any other 1U mixer with actual 
effects send and returns.  So, you'd be looking at two boxes (GT-3 and 
rack) and your instrument to carry in from the car in one load if 
you're using the house PA.

If you want to go way micro, you could use a floor-based effects setup 
and two pedal loopers off your stereo outs, and just avoid hard stereo