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LIVE LOOPING: was " the meaning of loop music"

Kelly Coyle wrote:

"But I don't think "loop music" and "jazz music" are the same type of 
"Loop music" and "guitar music" are, though: both describe the tools used 
make it as opposed to what it sounds like."

Matthias Grob and I have settled on the term
LIVE LOOPING to describe what it is that we do.

Though to an extent defined by our looping equipment we use, we are also
dedicated to a whole set of prinicples involving repitition and
it's various permutations.

The distinction is that we are dedicated to doing this form
of music (with all of it's various stylistic combinations)
in front of an audience in real time.

In this way making the comparison of 'loop music' and 'guitar music'
is not quite accurate.

You know, it is funny, this debate surfaces periodically on this list and
endlessly debated and yet when Hans produces the LOOPSTOCK FESTIVAL, we all
know what is in store (unless we are suprised by someone's performance
which is even better) and the results are really wonderful.

Maybe we don't have to define it.  Maybe it is a small blessing in all of
our lives.
This community sure has been to me despite the fact that Andre LaFosse and
Tom Heasley couldn't be further apart stylistically at this present time.
They still are live loopers when I have had the pleasure of seeing their
performances (and many other things as well, 'dre..............lol).

It was just amazing to me that Matthias Grob, Per Boysen and I are such
distinctly different artists, stylistically and yet, because of the
wonderful technology that we use,  we could make some beautiful and 
music together (in brother sync, even..........lol)
in Sweden..........all in front of audiences that had never seen it before.
Talk about feeling like the first Coca Cola executives who first 
the prospect of opening up the market in China.

That's LIVE LOOPING for ya.

yours, rick