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Re: LIVE LOOPING: was " the meaning of loop music"

I agree.  You can't define a music by it's tools.  Styles are hard to 
define, and we've all been down that road before.  We know where it 
goes.  My personal opinion is that names are good, though imperfect.  A 
category helps people find your music, even if you don't exactly fit in 
a genera.

I had a funny time trying to describe my "genera" last week to a 
Goth/Industrial DJ I'm friends with.  He came back at me with about a 
1000 different sub genres in the Industrial world because he thought I 
said "EBM" (electronic body music) when I said, "IDM" (Intelligent 
Dance Music)  Anyway, his girlfriend and I were reeling after his 
extensive listing of what bands fall under what categories and why.  
Most people don't really care about specifics that much, but it's 
useful to have a genera when describing yourself, unless you can have a 
boom-box with you at all times to play a little bit of your music for 
people when they ask you what your music sounds like.

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 09:35 AM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:

> Kelly Coyle wrote:
> "But I don't think "loop music" and "jazz music" are the same type of 
> terms.
> "Loop music" and "guitar music" are, though: both describe the tools 
> used to
> make it as opposed to what it sounds like."