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Re: Mega compact looping rig

On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 10:35  pm, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Guitar> Johnson amp>KAOSS Pad>EchoPro>back to the Johnson amp.  Setup 
> time: 5-10 minutes.

I did not realise that you had an Echo Pro :)
I've just finished installing my new rack box tonight. Its not so 
compact, but its certainly fun:

IMG 31band EQ -> Filter Pro -> Echo Pro -> DL4 -> Echo Pro -> Fostex 
VM04 mixer

I should have the loan of a filter factory for a couple of weeks next 
Friday (thanks Andy) to fill the 2u space at the top of the rack. I'm 
having so much fun playing with the filtered sounds on the Filter Pro 
(PIPE sounds amazing on the lower strings, pitch -12 with Frequency and 
Tweak almost at zero - real sub bass). I think this is the direction 
that I should have headed in a long time ago instead of trying to plug 
in keyboards and computer to my rig....

Its the first time that I have had a really good play for weeks. :)