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An important request...

  Hi All, I'd like to take just a second to perhaps ask that we consider
pausing forjust a moment.  This is a very emotional time for loved ones and
myself as well, and since I was the one who posted the questions that
seemed to have started this, I'd just like to not see it erupt into
something stressful or worse yet, hurtful.   This was just meant as a
friendly topic which I'm curious about, and it obviously seems to have been
taken in an unexpected direction from what I was originally asking, so
perhaps this just might not be the best time.  It seems to have sort of
gotten off what I  meant.  -And as I said, this is just not worth a battle
over, so maybe we can sort of save this for now for future if you wouldn't
mind, K?  Thanks a bunch, and I'm sorry for inadvertantly contributing to
this.  Thanks for taking the time to read this...   -Please have as nice a
weekend as you  can...  

Thanks so much, 




  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."  


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