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Dig if u will my research paper Contents

Kim suggested I post the paper in 10-15k chunks so here goes chapter by
chapter. Please note the general layout paragraphs, footnotes etc. doesn't
translate from word into email.
Cheers Geoff. 


1.    Introduction: Live Looping    P1-3
2.    The Pre-History Of Live-Looping and The Figures That Would Inspire 
Creation.        P 5-8
3.    The Invention of Live Looping    P9-16
4.    The Compositional Language Of Early Live-Looping Music, and How It
Departed From Music Of That Time.    P17-22

5.    Steve Reich  A Revolution in Repetition and Structure    P23-25
6.    The Music of Brain Eno and Robert Fripp    P26-30
7.    Digital Playground        P31-34
8.    Digital Loopers    P35-38
9.    Contemporary Live-Looping    P39-47
10.    Concluding Thoughts    P48-51

 Bibliography                                    P52-54