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Re: the meaning of loop music

Hi all,

In a message dated 5/26/03 7:48:20 AM, CinoPolnesi@att.net 
quotes Kim Flint's earlier message:

>>At a Trumpeting Festival you expect to find all
>>of the performers playing trumpet. 

Granted . . . or at least the main, featured players. This 
is pretty logical. If not it would be rather damn poor 
marketing -- wouldn't it?

>>The main people interested in attending are other 
>>people who play trumpet, and so most of the 
>>audience also consists of trumpeters.

Not necessarily. I would imagine that not many of the 
members of an opera audience actually sing opera. 
I would also imagine that not all of the folks who are 
passionate "guitar music fanatics" even own one 
themselves -- perhaps they might be failed "wannabes" 
or something, but not necessarily. However, I know many, 
many people who avidly follow a style, or pursue a keen 
interest in a music created on one particular instrument
or another, simply because that music "speaks" to them 
on some level beyond that of other musics. And, most 
of them are not even musicians themselves.

Kim may be ultimately be right in his assertions about
our narrower labeling of "loop music" limiting the technique's
eventual appeal to the broadest possible audience and/or 
user base. But the folks with whom it has caught on so 
far have tended to be the incorrigible experimenters, 
tinkerers and creatively outside-the-box thinkers (whether 
they play buzuki, bass, bluegrass, blues . . . or whatever). 
I would think that THAT aspect of who the average LD list
member is would be pretty apparent by now. And this 
somewhat off-center, non-mainstream attitude cannot
help but color all of our discourse, actions and music to
a some degree. We are pretty much all outside the "norm" 
(to some extent) even as yet, no matter what we label 
ourselves or our music.

I have to imagine that Kim and Matthias, as a musicians turned 
visionary businessmen, would like to see their "vision" filter 
further and further out there into that vast region which we 
call "the mainstream" -- thereby transforming it from the 
great humongous wasteland (as it seems to me) into something 
else more positive and even beautiful. And, as it happens, also 
turning it into something much more profitable for makers of 
looping hardware/software such as themselves.

There's nothing wrong with that. If we know what's good for 
us, we ought to encourage, applaud, hoot and holler about it.
But, at the same time, we are who we are. Our community
is not the "norm" in microcosm. It is still fairly alien to it in 
many subtle ways. Eventually we will "infect" the whole beast.
But it hasn't happened yet. And I don't expect that many of us
are willing (if even capable) to pose as mainstream "pop idols"
just to make the epidemic spread a little faster. Our interests
lie elsewhere for now (I think, for many of us . . . for myself). 

Heheh. Having just turned 50 recently, I (for one) am too old, 
plain, flabby, and self-admittedly untalented to even consider it.
But I can still understand Kim's goal . . . even if I can't help him
much with reaching it.


tEd  kiLLiAn