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RE: (new) Mellotron Question

Title: RE: (new) Mellotron Question

I suspect that by "german", the questioner is referring to the involvement in the mkVI project of marcus resch; as far as I know, marcus co-designed the new machine with dave kean (who legally owns the name and supports the machines for US-based users). I didn't think he was german, though.... and does this mean that he's making the things on his own now? have a look at the various mellotron sites besides dave kean's.

there is..... some friction, I think is the best way to put it, between the adherents to dave kean's "mellotron archives", and the streetly guys in the UK. these latter have no legal claim to the mellotron name, but john bradley is the son of the late les bradley who first manufactured the mellotron in the early 60s. the machine is a development of an older american design, the chamberlin.

anyway. several mkVI machines are in active service (noel gallagher has one), and while there have been teething problems (as with any new machine, especially one so mechanical in it's nature), it's still quite an achievment to have gotten a new mellotron into production at all. it uses a slightly larger tape frame than the m400, which is it's closest ancestor, and this has led to one or two mechanical problems.... as I understand....

streetly tend to concentrate on rounding up survivors of the original runs of mk2, m300 and m400 models, and do a fantastic job of refurbishing them and making new tapes for them- custom sounds too. they will also advise on shipping and local repairs and have an agent on the US east coast. my own m400 was transformed by a recent service

the best place to find out about the user-opinion of the various models is on the mellotronists list (a yahoo group), though be prepared for weird senses of humour/irony. us tronnists are a peculiar lot....... dave kean fell off the mailing list some time ago- it's a long story, and like most mailing lists it's had it's share of controversy over the years, some of it revolving around the mkVI.....


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Subject: (new) Mellotron Question

I friend of mine is thinking about buying one of the new Mellotron Mark
VI units.
More info on these from the order page at:

However, he has heard rumors of some significant issues with the GERMAN
made units and is looking for first hand confirmation from people who
have either purchased or used one.

Does anyone have first hand info about these German made units? Are they
as  good and the "original" US made mark VI units from a few years ago?
Did they in fact have some problems with the German made mellotrons?
Have problems been rectified?

I figured if anyone would know it would be someone from these lists :)
Any/all help would be appreciated.



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