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Re: update: LOOP.POOL SUMMER TOUR 2003

>Matthias also has two MP3s of improvs we did in Sweden: one with he, 
>Per and I and one with just he and Per (after we had left for the 
>states).   I think there is a good chance he may post them very soon.

yep, we have hours of reasonable recordings and are editing some more 
pieces here the next days and then select the best... :-)

>I was so loving playing with Per and Matthias.  They are both really
>interesting and idiosyncratic musicians and we were all coming from 
>really disparate stylistic places and yet we were really moving 
>towards an interesting group aesthetic.
>We all felt that we had just scratched the surface of what is possible 
>this trio and were all looking forward to the next series of gigs 
>when cruel fate interrupted us.

I believe there will be another oportunity and a meantime to digest 
the recent experience to then do it more maturely.

>I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to Per who, in his first self 
>tour did an incredibly professional job of getting us gigs and 
>exposure.  I'm so damned impressed with him (not only his beautiful 
>artistry, but just how
>together he is as a promoter, booker and human being).  He is also funny,
>intelligent, wise and a great person to tour with.

yep, Per is great! He sits right next to me :-)

>I also want to send out my heartfelt thanks to Matthias who's strong
>spiritual approach to his music has been a real inspiration to me. 
>He sat up with me all night the night when my mom died and was 
>incredibly nurturing to me emotionally during my darkest hour. 
>Thanks to you to my brother!!!

we should be thanking the REIKI power...


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