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Re: Dig if u will my research paper

>"Then again, some may say that you came to this conclusion for being
>>  involved or even to enter history as academic "discoverer" of the
>>  genre..."
>Ha Ha Ha!!!
>Its almost killed me to write this!
>The idea that I have done this from an academic slant for self promotion 
>amusing to me. Truth is I managed to think of something that I would find
>incredibly interesting to write about, and then got so into it that this 
>what came out. This is 5-6months hard work, done purely because I 
>found this genre and this discussion forum so interesting.
>So people can say what they like!

hm... where are you going to publish that?
Does it really not matter what people say about it?
Credibility is of importance, no?

>  >" did you find where the name Live-Looping comes up first?"
>Only that it was yourself and Rick Walker that used it in the first two
>emails I received when I started researching this 5-6months ago. It made 
>much sense to me that I have used it ever since. Further to that i think 
>a brilliant title for the genre.

ah, ok, so Rick baptized it in the church and you in the city hall :-)

>Ohh yeah and I have a pair of EDP's which have been calling me for too

a loop with your name going all the time? :-)

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