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Re: Dig if u will my research paper Chapter 3

At 12:48 PM 5/27/2003, Doug Cox wrote:
>This is an interesting point, to me, only a novice when it comes to the 
>history of looping.
>Chapter 3 seems to indicate that Terry Riley used a device that (someone) 
>was already calling an "Echoplex" in the very early 60s, and that in 1963 
>he described the device to a French technician, who subsequently 
>reproduced it with tape decks.  Riley then called this device a "time-lag 
>accumulator", and used it on various recordings from that point.
>Is that accurate?  Not questioning your research, just trying to confirm 
>whether your research shows that an "Echoplex" device existed first.  Is 
>this the thing that Les Paul is sometimes credited with?  What Echoplex 
>existed in the early 60's, that Terry Riley described... and who named it 

Mike Battle made his first Echoplex tape delay prototypes in 1963, 
according to this post:


I would guess production would have started sometime later, so the dates 
don't appear to match up quite right.

Les Paul's thing was the Les Paulverizer.


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