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Re: Dig if u will my research paper Chapter2

On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 04:30  PM, Kim Flint wrote:
> the picture is from 1984 when this sort of thing was more common. Did 
> he use tape loops in his earlier days?

yes. here's another one from '79: 

i believe, though, that most of the earlier stuff involves textures 
derived from 2600-processed Farfisas with their keys held down with 
weights: http://www.klaus-schulze.com/photos/7602.htm  that picture 
doesn't show the 2600, but it was definitely in use (along with the 
combo organ) on Timewind and Picture Music. he was pretty low budget 
early on, it took him awhile to get the Big Moog with it's dual 

> that's funny...  It could easily be the case that Stockhausen's ideas 
> and work ethic inspired a community of people around him in germany 
> that went on to create more listenable music and attract others who 
> never knew about Stockhausen at all. so the krautrock types came out 
> of his legacy without necessarily being directly connected to him. 
> that sort of thing happens a lot in music. Look at all the people 
> who's music today is obviously descended from Kraftwerk and Tangerine 
> Dream (and Klaus Schulze) and have never heard of them at all.

yes, i think that's a pretty logical observation.
Eric Williamson