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Re: Dig if u will my research paper Chapter2

At 01:55 AM 5/27/2003, Eric Williamson wrote:
>first off, i'd like to say that's a pretty cool paper.
>On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 02:04  AM, Kim Flint wrote:
>>Stockhausen was also a big influence on very loop oriented groups like 
>>Can, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk, as well as Eno a bit later. I think 
>>Can actually used looping with tapes, while Tangerine Dream and 
>>used analog arpeggiators and sequencers to get similar effects. I think 
>>all of those went on to have a far bigger influence on loop based music 
>>today than any of the more academic composers of the sf tape center. 
>>krautrock scene, and I think especially Kraftwerk, was a key foundation 
>>for loop based music like techno, hip hop, new wave rock, etc.
>I feel compelled to point out that i'm not sure about the others you 
>mentioned, but Klaus Schulze was definitely doing the "time lag 
>accumulator" looping thing with tape machines. there's actually a picture 
>here: http://www.klaus-schulze.com/photos/8402.htm  it's behind him, in a 
>road case constructed for the task.

ah, well there you go! another influential looper. (if you look carefully, 
there are actually two decks in the picture side by side, not one as 
somebody else mentioned.) However, the picture is from 1984 when this sort 
of thing was more common. Did he use tape loops in his earlier days?

>and even though Tangerine Dream namechecks old Karlheinz, Klaus went 
>ballistic on this journalist when he asked him if Cage, Riley, and 
>Stockhausen were influences: 

that's funny...  It could easily be the case that Stockhausen's ideas and 
work ethic inspired a community of people around him in germany that went 
on to create more listenable music and attract others who never knew about 
Stockhausen at all. so the krautrock types came out of his legacy without 
necessarily being directly connected to him. that sort of thing happens a 
lot in music. Look at all the people who's music today is obviously 
descended from Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream (and Klaus Schulze) and have 
never heard of them at all.


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