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Re: Stereo looping device for $400? (Echo Pro experimentations)

On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 07:15  pm, mark wrote:

> The Echo Pro's a mono looper, and putting two together would *NOT* 
> make it a stereo looper like you can with the EDP.  Two loops at the 
> same time do not a stereo looper make.

It is not an EDP, but it *is* a stereo looping system. I know, as I'm 
playing with one at the moment :)

I have a stereo effect unit going into two EP's. One EP acts as left 
(mono), and one EP acts as right (monp) - all listening to the same 
midi signals. I then route the output from each (in mono) into a stereo 
looper - one channel panned left, and one channel panned right.

I am creating looped music with it at the moment, and it is very 
complex orchestral music - and it is in stereo!

To say that it would "*NOT* make it a stereo looper like you can with 
the EDP" is true, but please don't belittle the potential of this setup.

Two loops at the same time, one panned right and one panned left, on 
two separate loopers gives you different control than what you can get 
with an EDP. I can control either channel of the loop - half speed, 
reverse, slip - DJ'ing the live loop in realtime, and in a very organic 
maner. It gives more of an analogue and hands on way of thinking about 
the looping.

Its not a stereo looper, but it is a stereo looping system and has 
great potential. Imagine 8 of these units - being able to 
multi-track?... Think of the remixing opportunities available there.

Alas, it looks as though the $199 deal is finished - but they are still 
great and cheap looping devices.

- Stuart