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Re: speaking of names...

According to Roget's Interactive thesaurus, "loop" is synonym for a 
contraceptive device, apparently in particular an IUD. Ironically 
appropriate, heh.

-Alex S.

>>At 2:33 PM -0700 5/28/03, mark wrote:
>>>What the hell does "Rock" mean?  Does it describe the music in any  way?
>>"Rock and Roll" refers to the act of fucking.
>>>Jazz?  What the hell does Jazz mean?
>>"Jazz" means sperm.
>maybe the looping community _does_ need a raunchy sexual term to fly 
>as  it's banner, then the genre term will last forever and be 
>dissasociated  in the mind of the listener with it's root. and then 
>the genre umbrella  (like jazz and rock) will be so generalised that 
>anything can fit in it  (like jazz and rock).