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RE: Time Lag Accumulator

Title: RE: Time Lag Accumulator

> (p.s. mellotrons don't inherently have loops of tape
> in them. it is possible to fit loops though.)

At the expense of the note's attack portion, though!
Although it would be nice to get around the time
duration limit imposed by the strips of tape...<<

true, tim, but you'd be surprised (most players encountering the mellotron for the first time are) just how long 8 seconds is in the context of most music. by careful application of reverb, and a little "paddling" of the keys held for a particular chord, the tapes can be allowed to rewind a short distance and recommence from somewhere after the attack section.

or, of course, you could just buy a sampler.... :-) 
rick wakeman got a bloke called dave biro to help him with a keyboard design that used NAB carts instead of the mellotron's 3/8" tapes. they made about 13 of these things before it become obvious that rossum et al were going to have a working emulator on the market quite soon and quite cheaply. but there are still a healthy number of 'trons out ther still leading active lives, ours included.



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