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EFC-7 Switches (again)

>While researching some different feeling switches on my EFC-7, I came
>across the footcontroller for a Johnson J-Station preamp, which has some
>pretty good-feeling switches. Not mechanically loud, but you can tell
>when you press em. Opening it up, I got the part #.. R13-85. Looking
>online, I found em:

Those switches are in a number of Digitech products like the J3, J8 and 
J12, and the external controller for the GNX3's JamMan function (hmm, 
guess they licensed it from Lexicon since they're calling it JamMan(tm).

Anyway they seem to be good switches. I have a couple of heavily used J12 
footcontrollers (that's 24 switches worth) and have never had any 

I couldn't find a way to order from the sci.com site, so didn't see a 
price, but they're offered at $3.88 each at 

Seems like they'd work just fine in the EFC-7. They're momentary contact, 
and the spring loading isn't too stiff but there's still a decent amount 
of resistance.

However one thing I like to do with the EFC is push a button with my big 
toe, then kind of pop the toe off it to one side and let the button snap 
back up.  On the J12, the switches will make kind of a loud clunk in the 
steel chassis if you do that, I'm sure it'd be the smae in the EFC. But 
not a big deal. But they're just not as comfortable as the red switches 
to play barefoot....

Hmm, you gave me an idea, installing the red switches into the J12 might 
be a good little project....