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Re: Dig if u will my research paper

At 03:41 AM 5/29/2003, Geoff Smith wrote:
> >> So I set you the challenge name 5-10 prominent Live-Looping pieces 
> that you
> >> feel cannot be characterised together. And I will respond.
> > Chet Atkins - "Jam Man" (Grammy winning tune)
> > DJ Radar - "Antimatter" (one turntable and a looper, djradar.com)
> > Andre LaFosse - "Continuous Mix #2" (nu-skool andre)
> > David Torn - "Busy Cutting Crap" from Splattercell:::Oah
> > Howie Day - live set at www.kcrw.org
> > Andre LaFosse - "Disruption Theory" from album of same name (old-skool 
> andre)
> > Terry Riley - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
> >
>Okay give me a while, and I will respond, but for now I need a break! I am
>just finishing my third year.
>I have a composition portfolio to do that's recording an album and writing
>the material, documentation to do, and a four performances to help with 
>in, a festival to tech for, a partner to spend more time with whose sick 
>me doing written work. And a pile of stuff to sort out thats been waiting
>for me to finish my paper.

Oh no ya don't! You issued the challenge, Geoff! You jumped up and down 
about it a few times because it took me day to answer. Don't be pulling 
these excuses now! I spent a bunch of my time poking around the music 
collection to get a good list together for your homework assignment, now 
you sink some of your time into analyzing these tracks for us. You're in 
music school, right? Surely your professors have you analyzing pieces of 
music every day. Your analytical tools are sharper than the rest of us, so 
surely you are up to the job. Let's hear it!


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