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Looping as a category

As someone who has been using loops for over 20 years, my feeling is that 
is a means to an end. The music is the important part, and the looping
provides some composers with a way to perform what they hear I their head.
For me, 90% of what I do is composed. If you heard me tonight and again
tomorrow night, you would hear the same compositions (assuming I performed
them both nights) and they would be recognizable as such. To say ³Iım a
looper² means nothing to the average listener, and should mean very little
to the rest of us. It simply means you use a type of equipment or tool. As
Kim and others have mentioned, the average listener could care less. They
want to hear good (for lack of a better term) music. Robert Fripp (for
example) does not call what he does loop music. He creates music, and it
must stand on its own to survive.

And to answer Stuart Wyatt, I consider myself a live looper to the extent
that I don't use backing tracks for the looping material I perform. But I
don't call it looping. My compositions have names, and I use those.

Kenn Lowy (aka wrinklemuzik)