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Re: Looping as a category

>To say "I'm a looper" means nothing to the average listener,

not yet :-)

>and should mean very little to the rest of us.

well, it means that he belongs to us, no? :-)

>the average listener could care less. They want to hear good (for 
>lack of a better term) music.

is that your experience from concerts? They never want to know how you do 

>Robert Fripp (for example) does not call what he does loop music.

no, but Frippertronics!

>And to answer Stuart Wyatt, I consider myself a live looper to the extent
>that I don't use backing tracks for the looping material I perform. But I
>don't call it looping. My compositions have names, and I use those.

thats great!
It may be hard to avoid though that some will call music that comes 
from a live looper "Live Loopers music" or so. How do you handle that 
with the press?

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