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a new music

We should definitally forget about Live Looping beeing a style" 
because we all agree that many styles can be interpreted with looping.
Whether it will turn into a genre only time will tell.
World Music is a genre that is packed with all kinds of styles, so 
theoretically it is possible.
To call Live Looping a "kind of music" or a "label" does not mean 
much, but is  handy. Just try to talk to someone about what we do and 
you see what I mean.

I have been talking and playing a lot these days in Sweden, including 
two bigger TV interviews and unless you do a Fripp wash for a Fripp 
fan, no one doubts that this is new music, independent of the style 
its based on.
And new music deserves a new label.
Of course you are free to invent your own personal one, but I dont 
see how this could be of benefit for the comunity (unless you do 
something ugly :-)

Ok, Reily did it long ago and such, but since most people dont seem 
to know about it or not associate the name looping to it:

are there any objections if I speak of Live Looping as a new kind of music?
Well, ok, its a new *way* to create music, but ordinary people dont 
make so much of a difference, or do you expect that if an interviewer 
asks me "what is new about your music" to answer "my music is old, 
only the way to play it is new"?
do you leave me some space for marketing? :-)

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