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Re: Multitracked Live Looping -- advice for a newbie?

check out the repeater!  its not being made any more, but there are still
many around for $500-$650 a pop.  Its really got a lot of functionality 
you've asked for.  Decent MIDI implementation, follows midi clock really
well, has 4 tracks with independent volume, has lots of loops, smart card
media storage for loops, variable pitching and tempo (this is really 
and is a pretty good real-time looper.   The EDP isn't really what you've
asked for out front, but you might find you can actually do most of the
things you're going to find out you really wanted to do in the first place,
but didn't know how to ask for (...). There's lots more information in the
archives.  I live down on the Peninsula, so if you want to get together and
check out what an EDP LoopIV or Repeater can do, drop me a line.

There are also other software real-time loopers if you've got access to a
laptop.  I've seen people any number of software solutions, but I don't 
much about them.  anyone else?

> My name is Andrew Chaikin. I am a vocalist /
> throat singer / vocal percussionist (i.e.,
> beatboxer) based in San Francisco. After
> performing with various artists in the past
> few years who are integrating looping into
> their live work (Michael Manring, Danny Heines,
> Mixtape From Mars, Realistic, etc.), I'm
> crafting a solo project based entirely around
> live looping of voice.