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alesis air synth fun

i have an old ampex mic. (anything will do) hanging from my ceiling (i do 
have a mic stand), apx. 4 feet down so it can act as a pendulem of sorts, 
then placed the air-synth about 1 in. away from it and give the mic. a 
push and it swings back and forth for a pretty long time, it can be in an 
pattern or just side to side, this triggers the air-synth and i send this 
signal off to my "boxes" to warp and control the universe with.....great 
fun as 
the swing gets slower and smaller.....at one point i had the air-fx facing 
air-synth with the mic. (pendulem) scooting between both of them, smack me 
send me off to bed what total sillyness.....can't wait to try this one in 
public!.....and anyone out there that wants to send me a cd, PLEASE