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Re: External Footswitch for Line 6 dl-4??

I went through the first 95% of the work to build a little midi clock -->
tap tempo converter.  Basically it takes a midi clock input, you set a dial
to divide the clock down (so you can tap tempo on eighth note or 8 beats, 
anything in between), then you tap the first tap, it'll do the second tap
for you.  This was for a vortex, but it could have worked with any basic
digital delay that had a tap tempo input.

In any case, the last 5% is always plenty of work, and I quit when I
realized that I personally wouldn't use such a thing very much at all.  I
don't own a dl4, so I also don't know if it has a tap tempo input for the
looper or whether you'd have to go inside and wire it in yourself.

There are midi clock to din sync converter chips from multiple sources:

Using a divide-by-n chip you can output a pulse every beat, or a pulse 
4/4 measure, or whatever you want to dream up.  As far as off the shelf
stuff, I don't know of anything right now.


> Duncan,
> Are you really giving these  midi-clock-derived pulses some serious
> If so, please use this list as a sounding board!