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EDP MIDI (help) and a question about buttons!!

Hi again Guys N girls.

Well, it dont look like my missing email is coming back so I will try to 

I know that these request mails can get a bit haggared, but I have looked 
the archive and printed off numerous mails, however I cant seem to piece 
togeather all the neccicary bits........For those of you still reading 
is a question to the group at the end that could be worth replying to even 
if the rest dosnt stoke your boiler.

Bascially I have gotten a FCB1010 footboard for Xmas and now I want ot 
program it.
I have come up with an Ideal set up for my, IN MY HEAD, I just now need to 

a.If it can be done my be with my FCB1010 and an EDP with Loop3.5 
b.With a differant board but Loop3.5
c. With Loop4
d. Haha you must be dreaming sunshine!!!!

I will type the button numbers bellow and what I hope to use them to do to 
the EDP ater each one.
  I am hoping to use three "pages" on the board


1. Record (Rounded,Quantised)
2. OverDub (Latching)
3. Multiply (Rounded, Quantised)
4. Replace (Unrounded Unquantised , for glitch loops)
5. Mute (Instantly Active/Deactive)
6. Undo
7. Reverse (Quantised)
8. Insert (Rounded,Quantised)
9. Switch to LOOP 1 (Quantised)
10(0). Switch to LOOP2 (Quantised)


1. Record (Unrounded Unquantised)
2. OverDub (Unrounded, Unquantised
3. Multiply (Unrounded Unquantised)
4. Replace (Unrounded Unquantised)
5. Mute (Instant)
6. Undo
7. Reverse (Unrounded Unquantised)
8. Insert (Unrounded Unquantised)
9. Switch to LOOP 1 (Unrounded Unquantised)
10(0). Switch to LOOP2 (Unrounded Unquantised)


As Page2 but with Record and Overdub set to SUSTAINED.

also is there any provision in the midi setup for jumping from Loop1 to 
Loop2 when they both have infomation in them and begining to overdub 
instantly at the start. in the old pedal bord setup I cant do this as the 
NextLoop>Overdub comand records a new loop into Loop2.

Plus Im not sure exactly what I want to do with the rest of the buttons , 
anyone got any ideas for cool custom midi commands and buttons?  I thought 
about a button that would have you just to loop2 from loop1 and go into 
reverse and overdub at the same time, is this sort of thing possible or am 
being added to a long list of people who have misunderstood MIDI :)

Thank for taking the time to read this far. hope to hear from you all soon

Happy 2004
Phill Wilson

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