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Re: Re: gtr amps and loopers

Title: Re: Re: gtr amps and loopers
Paul Greenstein wrote:

I can definitely relate to your comments regarding plugging into a tube
amp - there's a responsiveness that no amount of digital emulation and
trickery can truly reproduce. It's a problem - trying to retain that
'feel' while working with more complex, hi-fi looping gear.

Hi Paul,
yes, that's why I try to keep a direct connection between guitar and amp. Using a lap top for processing and looping would be cool as long as you are just mixing this to a strong analog direct signal. I am routing all digital effects that need the original to be muted (Whammy, reverse delay etc.) through true bypass boxes in order to get rid of them when not in use.

I your case, I would think about looking into two smaller, light weight combos like a Fender Princeton or Deluxe etc. Since you're in GB, maybe look out for old WEM Dominators because they should still be reasonable and are good little amps. 2 x 15 Watts can be very loud, even if you have to play back loops. And two of these are probably easier on your back than one Mesa/Boogie.

The line driver/distortion etc. thing in the beginning of the chain is quite difficult and tastes vary quite a bit....I'd rather not try to use a POD. I am currently using a small handmade 2,5W push/pull pentode tube amp for this application. I delivers an extremely nice all power-tube saturation, is silenced by a dummy load and feeds a good signal in the whole chain.

Andreas Willers