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Re: Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

>An Orville would be overkill for me, even though I know it'd be 
>incredible. If I can find a way to get the 7000, I will, though. Are 
>there any other Eclipse users on the list besides David Coffin?

I'm an Eclipse user but I haven't delved into it the way I have with 
my other gear... I share it with someone else, you see.

>Also, since I've been pricing Eventide gear, I know a place that is 
>blowing out the one Orville they have in stock. It was a special 
>order gone bad, and they need to get rid of it. So if anyone is 
>looking for one, give me a shout. Wish I could spring for it, but 
>there's just no way.

Oh, dear -- how much?


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