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RE: pick-ups boosters?

 I own a pickup booster pedal by Seymour Duncan, and it is a preamp/clean booster pedal, with enough gain ( variable from +6db  to +25db), to overdrive the front end of a tube amp. I have it as the first thing my guitar goes to on my pedal board, and I leave in on and vary the level according to what guitar I'm using.  I like using it as a line driver to make up for the slight lose in volume and high end one gets from running a guitar through a bunch of pedals and 30+ feet of cable.  I have also used it set very high and feeding a low wattage tube amp to create a lovely and dynamic overdrive. The one feature it has  that I don't use very often is the P/U resonance switch. This small slider switch on the front of the pedal allows you to select between two preset resonance filters, that in effect, can make a single coil pickup sound more like a humbucker, by lowering the resonant frequency of the signal .  It actually sounds rather good, though I don't use it much as i kind of enjoy the sound of a strat being a strat, and I have an instrument with humbuckers, anyway.  I have used the resonance filter when playing slide on a strat to fatten the sound and tame the "sting" a little, and I liked the result.   I kind of wish I had another one to kick in and out for clean solo boosts, but I'm realy happy leaving it on,  set low, and letting it boost my signal before hitting the other effects. it seems to improve signal to noise ratio, make the other effects sound better. and provide a little natural compression by driving my tube amps a little harder. Also when I switch between my axe with single coils and my axe with humbuckers I can vary the gain on the pedal to balance the two.  Its a cool pedal.  It also cost me alot less than a similar pedal from Fulltone or Demeter would have, and the resonance switch is unique and usefull, particularly for  a tele or strat player who would like to mellow and darken their tone.
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Subject: pick-ups boosters?

A question: What is this thing called a pick-ups booster? Looks like a smaller
fx pedal, plugs in same way- supposed to greatly expand guitar pick-ups' capacities
somehow...true or false?What does it do?

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