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Re:OT: Processing video signals as audio?

At 05:12 03/06/04, you wrote:
>So I got the most disposable pedal I had (Boss Distortion) and ran the 
>composite video out of my DVD player into it, then out of it into the TV.
>This resulted in a blank screen.

apparently the video signal includes a synchronization pattern at the end
of each line of video , (and , I guess, something at the end of the frame 
as well)

so you'd have to separate the video signal from the sync info,
then you could analog process it.

:-( so that's probably more work than you want to do.

With a video mixer you could,
try pointing a video camera at the screen, and mixing that with the screen 
      that will give you the equivalent of a flanger.
(  = video looping?)

andy butler