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Re: Some RC-20 Questions

I have an RC-20. I've found it very easy to play live, but the cycling 
between phrases is useless. From what I've heard the rang would be a 
better investment, but I couldn't afford it OR the real estate on the 

>...If you use an extra pedal to move between loops, does it move at the 
>end of the loop, or whenever you hit the button?

when the current phrase ends, the next one kicks in automatically.

>If it can only move one "direction" can you tap the pedal twice to "skip" 
>a loop (say, moving from loop #1 to loop #3), or does it have to play 
>through the one in the middle first?

One at a time. It cycles from 1 to 10 and stops.

>How difficult is it to delete old loops, start new ones, and move between 
>them, in a live setting?  I've heard a lot of people talk about a "Undo" 
>feature on the more expensive units, does the RC-20 have anything similar?

No undos or anything, and if you want to save a loop, you have to write it 
to memory or it's lost. I use it live only for a one-shot effect or using 
the current loop only. Also the 5:30 of memory is divided between the 11 
phrases, not 5:30 for each phrase. So I found that pretty disappointing 
too. Nice unit though, good bang for the buck.


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