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Full Compositions with Loopers

I am omitting the previous entries on this thread.
I have some experience with the tools listed (Jamman, EDP, DL4, RC-20,
Repeater, not the Boomerang tho).  
Only the EDP and the Repeater gave me the flexibility to do what I wanted
without compromise.  I had a Repeater for an afternoon--until I discovered
the dry signal latency--that killed it for me.
I like the RC for what it is--and the DL4 too is very cool for what it 
The problem has to do with trying to create the structure of existing 
rather than simply improvising.  I even rehearsed with a Jamman and 
(a sequencer) to make it happen--but until I got an EDP, I was very 
I had to sell one of my two EDPs recently, but that seemed to be the way 
me to go--loop percussion on one, then record sections on the other EDP to
create, oh say, Layla . . .
Now strictly speaking, if I just use acoustic guitar and voice, I can use
the RC or the DL4 to make it happen--loop shorter sections of tunes to solo
over, and avoid the whole "live sequencing" requirement"--but what am I,
chicken? 8^)
So my vote goes for the EDP, soon (?) to be available . .  Or maybe the new
Live4?  Hmm . . . .