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EDP Release



Well, miracles do happen! Gibson has just wired us enough money to release 150 EDPs. That’s over 500 days from date of invoice on a Net 30-day account!!!!! Shame I can’t get those sort of credit terms with my bank.


The breakthrough came when Gibson re-employed Kevin Van Pamel recently. I think his title is Vice President of Marketing, but this does include Echoplex matters. Kevin is a thoroughly decent bloke and we are glad he is back; the outstanding balance will be paid soon and then we can release the remaining 200 hostages.


Kevin is already talking about new EDP orders, so these will probably not be the last. (We will however, require cash up front next time :)


Thank you to all who have been waiting patiently for back-ordered units; you should get them soon.


Andy Ewen,

EDP Production Manager.