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Re: EDP Release

So who do we order from to get them quicker?
Thanx Andy

--- Andy Ewen <andy.ewen@btinternet.com> wrote:
> Well, miracles do happen! Gibson has just wired us
> enough money to
> release 150 EDPs. That's over 500 days from date of
> invoice on a Net
> 30-day account!!!!! Shame I can't get those sort of
> credit terms with my
> bank.
> The breakthrough came when Gibson re-employed Kevin
> Van Pamel recently.
> I think his title is Vice President of Marketing,
> but this does include
> Echoplex matters. Kevin is a thoroughly decent bloke
> and we are glad he
> is back; the outstanding balance will be paid soon
> and then we can
> release the remaining 200 hostages.
> Kevin is already talking about new EDP orders, so
> these will probably
> not be the last. (We will however, require cash up
> front next time :) 
> Thank you to all who have been waiting patiently for
> back-ordered units;
> you should get them soon.
> Andy Ewen,
> EDP Production Manager.


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