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RE: OT: Fuzz

--- William Walker <billwalker@looppool.info> wrote:
> Hey Stano! how  do ya like that there Sparkle Drive? 

My friend had one of those which he let me use a few times. I was really 
with the sound, although I never ended up getting one myself. Kind of like 
TubeScreamer in character, but the option of mixing some of your dry 
signal into
it gives some cool possibilities. 

re: the rest of this thread

I use an Ibanez TS-9 and a Big Muff pretty much every time I play. Between 
two I get most of the sounds I want. I also have a Dano French Toast that 
out every now and then.

I'd really like to replace the Big Muff because even though I love it's 
sound, it
takes up too much space in my little pedalboard and it won't work with my
universal power supply.


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