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RE: OT: Fuzz

I used to use quite regularly (and still do occasionally) an MXR
Distortion + that yields some nice thick distortion tones.  Currently, I
rely on the natural tube tones from my Mesa Rectifier Recording Preamp.
I also have an old EH Wah Muff Fuzz pedal that produces more of a fuzz
sound than the MXR, more like Hendrix, though not nearly as thick, in
fact, it is rather thin.  

My favorite OD/Sustain pedal is the aNaLoGmAn BiCompROSSor, which is a
boutique combination of the Ross Compressor and the Orange Juicer.  True
bypass and very clean.  Mike Piera of aNaLoGmAn.com also builds and mods
Tube Screamers that rock. 


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> We all love it, right?  Of course!  Every now and then I yearn for my
> old Ibanez Tube Screamer.  Thick distorted creamy synth-like tone.
> Warm and tube like?  NOPE.  I'm talking solid state.  What's your
> favorite fuzz box to put in front of your looper (or after) and why?
> Is the line6 modeler any good?
> Mark
hi yall- 
jus had to eventually reply to this here-
as a guitarer i have to say-i luv fuzztones and overdrive pedals. they
make the hair on the back of my neck(where most of hair is located these
days!) stand up real good and thats cool...
 here are some of my pedals lyin around the <stanitarium> (and they all
still work and get used at one time er 'nother...)
in no particular order:

Guyatone HD2
Boss DF-2
2 Prescription Electronics Experience pedals
Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
Lovetone RingStinger
Proco Rat(70s) 
Roger Mayer FuzzFace(70s)
Arbiter FuzzFace(60s)
Dunlop FuzzFace
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi(70s)
Electro Harmonix GraphicFuzz(70s)
TubeWorks BlueTube
the list goes on...