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On Jun 7, 2004, at 10:44 AM, Greg House wrote:

> --- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
>> Hey Mark, much as I love the Line6 DL4, the Line6 
>> distortion/fuzz/overdrive
>> emulator was horribly dissapointing!
> I may disagree with you on this one, Rick. My friend had a DM4 for 
> awhile and,
> while I didn't like ALL the distortions it had, I did like several of 
> them. I
> have yet to meet a multieffect unit of any kind where I actually loved 
> everything
> in it, so I consider a few cool effects a successful box.

SO TRUE.  I got tired of the quest of The One and I did buy one this 
weekend used on ebay for $175.  I was pretty impressed with a bunch of 
it's sounds after checking it out at Guitar Center.  (Would have walked 
away with one, but all they had was a demo unit that looked like the 
crap had been beaten out of it.  All the pots sounded (physically) like 
it had been played on the beach!)

I look at it this way: If I like 3 of it's fuzzbox models (I did 
actually like more) then at $175 I'm paying less than $60 per fuzzbox 
and I'm getting A) presets and B) compact footprint.  For me, with 
limited space that's important.  Presets also really open up a device 
for me.  I like to step once, and then if I'm so inclined, kneel down 
and start tweaking. (BTW, my legs ache from setting up that Vox 
Tonelab!)  The Line6 gives that ability to me.  If I was a "purest" I'd 
be lamenting about the lack of Germainium in the transistor and how 
horrible it sounds to use alkaline batteries.  I'm not knocking people 
who do, I wish I had the time, space and money to be one of those 
people.  I'll go for the trade off if I feel the result is still good 
to me.  I know why Rick would be more descerning than I.  That's his 
bread and butter... wait, wtf am I talking about?  Rick made an album 
with stuff he got at Toys R Us!  Hhahahah, he didn't like it because it 

Of course, I kid.  I like Rick's Dayglo Green album.

But getting back to the Vox Tonelab SE, while I found it to have one 
fuzzbox emulation that I dug, I really did find most to be really 
similar and not very interesting.  I feel like they were kind of thrown 
in.  Of course, this is not the focus of this box (nor is the 8 sec 
looper) or why I bought it.  I bought it because I wanted a really nice 
tube amp simulator, which I feel it is.


> I remember a fuzz emulation that I particularly liked, I think it was 
> the Big
> Muff emulation, and a couple of others. There was one with an octave 
> down pitch
> thing that was just huge going into a loop. Made a cool rumble.
> All that said...I didn't like it so much that I felt compelled to go 
> buy one.
> Perhaps that's the true test. <grin>
> Greg
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