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Re: OT: Fuzz

On Jun 7, 2004, at 10:19 AM, Greg House wrote:
> Thanks for the review. I played a Vox modelling combo amp awhile back 
> and was
> very impressed.
> What features does the looper have?

It's really basic.  This is from the manual:

If you assign “HOLD DLY” to the CONTROL pedal, you’ll be able to hold 
the delay
[1] “TIME” 1–8000 [ms] Sets the delay time.
[2] “FEEDBACK” 0.0–10.0 * Adjusts the amount of feedback.
[3] “TONE” 1.0–10.0 * Adjusts the tone of the delay sound.
[6] “MIX” 0.0–10.0 * Adjusts the mix amount of the delay sound.
CONTROL pedal: HOLD DLY: If you select “HOLD DLY” for the CONTROL
pedal, the delay sound will be held from the
moment you turn the pedal on.

>> One weird thing about it is when I got it it was set to "amp" out
>> (expecting to see a guitar amp) so I switched it to "Line" for my
>> mixer.  I had this ugly high end on a lot of the patches I couldn't
>> seem to dial out.

> I'm confused. Are you saying it sounds better plugged into your mixer 
> using the
> "Amp" setting? Or the "Line" setting with the settings tweeked?

Oh, it's confusing.  I am saying that I set the Tonelab to it's AMP 
mode for output, but I do not run it through a guitar amp, as is 
prescribed in the manual.  Why it's amp output is lacking high end 
compared to it's line output is beyond me.  Doesn't make sense right?  
A guitar's output is thin and tinny.  An amp pre puts in that needed 
bass and midrange that a guitar's output lacks.  Why would you do that 
if you thought the signal was going into an amp?  That's like filtering 
something and then filtering it again.

> Excellent! Sounds promising!
> Greg

I'll try to get to recording it tonight and I'll post the results.