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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> > Yes, i think my Z8 purchase may actually be one of the poorer monetary 
> > decisions I have made in my life.  I got a great deal on it new, but I 
> > still shoved a 256 stick of Ram and a $300 output expansion board in 
> > it, on top of the purchase price.  Who knows...it's ALWAYS going to do 
> > it's job as a sampler.  Perhaps it will collect some dust for a bit 
> > and then get reincorporated later.
> that's unfortunate. my S5000 was one of the best purchase i've made.
> especially now that i have the USB interface for it and Akai finally 
> got AK.sys for Macintosh System Ten ready.


don't get me wrong, it's a cool and machine.  I just bought it to be a 
sound module essentially, and thought that the control knobs would really 
allow instant gratification of tweaking.  Aksys is great too, for loading 
samples and such.  

But for the gripes...whew!

for example, in the Modulation parameters in Aksys, there's no way to 
'copy' those mod parameters from one Program to another?  Or, if memory 
serves, even from one layer to another?  How in the hell are you supposed 
to get cool real-time control of your sampleset if you can't copy the mod 

there are more gripes, but i've been away from the z8 for a bit, so there 
isn't much need to parade them out here, memory cooperation withstanding.  
It's just a deep machine that requires quite an investment in being in 
'program/tweak' mental mode.  In addition, i've been in a bit of a 
retraction from too much G.A.S, and wondering if i'm spending too much 
time twiddling and not enough composing and playing.  It's all ebb and 
flow.  If the machine doesn't sell, it wasn't meant to sell, and i'll have 
use for it in the long run.

thanks for your thoughts....hmmm...to play acoustic guitar tonight, or 
tweak on the computer?  hehehe...  play with the cats?  oh, crap, gotta do 
that laundry!

hmmmm.....on second thought, nah....sip a beer and watch the Lakers.