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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> Maybe we're actually saying the same thing and I'm just reacting
> strongly to the phrase "virtually impossible."

Hehe, indeed we are. ;)

> other than live loop fanatics. Often in a production setting I have a
> loop I would like to use as a master, and as such I would prefer that it
> not be granulated (even subtly), and that all the other loops sync to
> it.

Well put (my thoughts exactly), the code for finding out the tempo of a 
isn't hard since the theory isn't hard.
But implementing it in the current sample-slot engine that Live uses, i 
can't help to think that it would be hard. Unless maybe a modification to 
adding something like a new "Master Tempo Channel" so you could have 
samples, loaded or recorded on the fly, with different master tempos so 
just change the tempo and stretches all other samples as usual.

That way you could have either Samples in each Tempo Slot or perhaps even
just a Tempo event setting. So you could trigger new tempo-settings with 
click of a button. ;)

How's that for an implementation? Maybe we should suggest that to Ableton.

That's one thing that cheaper priced sequencers of today tend to loose 
on, a song usually is just one tempo all the way through, not by choice but
because the software some musicians use doesn't support changing of tempos
throughout the song.