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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

Title: RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal
 Wow! , well assumption they say, is the mother of all f**k ups. Those lying bastards at line 6. Seriously though ,i did try using both an ev-5 and an ev-10 and had inconsitencies as well. Perhaps as Duncan suggested playing with the range knob would help. 
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Subject: Re: DL4 / Expression Pedal

I've been using the DL-4 / EV-5 combo since I first got the DL-4, never with any problems that weren't driver error. The only inconvenience I've experienced is when unbeknownst to me (usually during a performance) the pot on the EV-5 wasn't set to its minimum value so the pedal wouldn't provide the range of expression I had intended when 'programming'.
I've not noticed any amnesia of settings either, even though I don't use battery in the DL-4 (so apparently those settings are stored in non-volatile memory).
Just thought I'd chime in with this data - I realize it's not extremely helpful in identifying the particular problem at hand...
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Subject: RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

>>The Line 6 pedal does not use a tip ring sleeve 1/4 jack like the EV-5 and
has a different value potentiometer. Sorry, you will have to use a line six
pedal for optimum results. Look on the bright side, the line six pedal is
made out of the same cheap plastic as the EV-5, and will similarly wear out
in a matter of time. Ha Ha.<<

bill- you may be right, but it is /some sort/ of trs pedal all the same- it uses all three wires. & it's definitely an expression pedal rather than a volume pedal.

the significant difference is not in the taper but in the range; a volume pedal is supposed to go from wide-open to shorted within the angle the pedal can move, & some designs use a special pot to accomplish this.

most expr pedals use a normal pot & operate over a small part of it's range. this can be adjusted by opening up the pedal & repositioning the gearing inside. sometimes either sort of pedal will have a range or endstop adjustment on the outside.

(the zoom pedals, for instance)

I really don't think line-6 are making these pedals themselves anyway. they'll be doing what I did- buying, modifying & writing "line-6" on them. I had to do this latter to avoid plugging mine into (say) my memorymoog, & doing some /serious/ damage.....

in my case, I bought a cheap (cheaper than the 60 turnkey wanted for the "real deal" line-6 job, anyway) /expression/ pedal & reversed the tip & ring connections in the pedal itself (jack was sealed). I have had no misbehaviour from this config, no matter how whacky the two endpoints in my presets.

I think the problem with a volume pedal is that at either extreme you'd be putting the full whack Vcc (5 volts?) or ground into the a>d converter; it appears that the line-6 pedals don't like this. sadly, this rather rules out using any other voltage-control source to manipulate them.



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