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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

>Okay, that's three questions. But here's another question ... WTF
>Gibson!?!?!?! Have you guys bankrupted yourselves on that "digital guitar"
>thing that nobody is going to buy or is it that you guys just don't care 
>is it that you're just so incompetent that you can't get it together 
>to fill your obligations to the company that made it for you and the
>customers who you have strung along for the past 6 months?


the point is that gibson has massive profits from idiots who purchase 
their guitars -- many of which are only ever used for decoration and 
not for playing (see eg this 
http://www.gibson.com/whatsnew/pressrelease/2000/dec11a.html) because 
of some sort of Gibson cachet.  I think of them as the Franklin Mint 
of guitar builders.

Their eccentric chairman rules the company by whim, going off and 
buying all sorts of things (ie companies) and then throwing them 
away.  He's been obsessed by this digital guitar idea, never 
understanding that as long as there are lots of guitar pedals and 
tube amplifiers there will NEVER be a market for a digital output for 
a guitar!

I could go on at some length about how an electric guitar is a 
"perfect instrument" -- heck, I believe you can even play it in a 
vacuum which would make the electric guitar unlike any other 
non-electronic instrument.

So give up on assuming anything rational will happen from these guys. 


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