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Alesis DEQ-224 Equalizer/EQ in general.

I'm using a cheap DOD 430qx EQ, and it seems mostly fine for my 
needs... but it takes a rackspace.  Fine for studio, but I'm thinking 
that with some velcro and luck, I can put something small on the back 
of the Vox Tonelab SE that will get me decent quality stereo EQ for 
times when I'm sans rack.  The DOD's quality is fine for my beaten up 

A few people recommended the small Alesis DEQ-224.  Anyone try this 
baby?  I can't seem to find a single review of it on line.

Another person suggested getting two MXR 10 band EQ stomp boxes.  I 
imagine their quality is lower than the Alesis, but probably still OK 
for my need.  Not much different in price, but perfect for the space I 

Ideas?  Thanks,