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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

     If assumption is the mother of all f**k ups, then let's remove a few 
more assumptions here. 
First of all, there is a common assumption that the Line 6 modellers are 
consistent from unit to
unit.  While I don't know whether this is true or not, the things I've 
been hearing over the years
as well as my personal experience with them allows me to easily question 
that one.  One person can
use the EV-5 with their Line 6, the next person can't.  Of course it may 
well be inconsistencies
from EV-5 to EV-5, though the pedal is much too simple for that to be a 
high probability.  Perhaps
there is enough variance in the Line 6 products for them to honestly steer 
people towards the Line
6 pedal as it may be the only one that consistently works well.  And while 
I grumbled about having
to pay $20 for the wall wart and another $45 for the pedal, I have to 
admit that these prices are
not out of bounds.  I guess I thought they should be included in the 
purchase price, though to
each his own as they say...  I wouldn't want to use any of the Line 6 
modellers without an
expression pedal and certainly not without a wall wart, though it's harder 
to justify paying over
$300 for what they give ya.

     Some people have a terrible track record with the Line 6 units 
failing them, others have
owned the suckers for years without a glitch.  This tells me that they may 
not be as consistent
from unit to unit as we have come to expect from a large manufacturer.  So 
much for

     The main reason that I sold all my Line 6 modules was more because 
they didn't feel "real". 
They didn't *feel* like real circuits, they *felt* like software.  Like 
when I would alter one of
the pots, it felt like I was sending information to the software brain and 
not like I was
continuously changing the resistance in an electronic circuit.  Now I'm 
starting to sound like
Stan with his germaniums...


>>> Wow! , well assumption they say, is the mother of all f**k ups. Those 
>lying bastards at line
6. Seriously though ,i did try using both an ev-5 and an ev-10 and had 
inconsitencies as well.
Perhaps as Duncan suggested playing with the range knob would help.  
   Bill  <<<

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