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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

>>The main reason that I sold all my Line 6 modules was more because
they didn't feel "real". They didn't *feel* like real circuits, they
*felt* like software.  Like when I would alter one of the pots, it felt
like I was sending information to the software brain and not like I was
continuously changing the resistance in an electronic circuit.  Now I'm
starting to sound like Stan with his germaniums...



What did you 'replace' your Line 6 stuff with?  I must admit (as part of
my previous confession of G.A.S.) that I've got a few Line 6 thingeys.
I've had a DL4 since they first came out (yup, without a glitch...) and
a POD since early on.  More recently, I purchased an Echo Pro and a
Duoverb during each of those units respective 'blowouts'.

Sometimes, I find myself getting that strange feeling about the
'realness' of these units, or lack thereof.

Curious about what you substituted in, since I wonder what I would do in
the same situation.  Especially when I've got a Deluxe Reverb mixed with
a Fender tweed, all cranked up, but recording via XLR to my computer at
10:30 at night, and the neighbors are none the wiser...and then I start
to wonder..."shit, I couldn't have touched this sound quality to tape
before...maybe my itching dissatisfaction is not in the gear?"