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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

At 70 degrees F the speed of sound is 1129.5 ft per sec.  So figure 1.1 
ft per millisecond.  A device like the Repeater, with a 11 msec latency 
will sound as if it's 12.1 feet away from you.  The fact that you don't 
hear an electric guitar from the source means the guitar has a natural 
latency based on the fact that the sound source isn't in your hands.  
So add another 5 feed in my studio, more when I play out.  My mind 
seems to instantly compensate for this.  I wonder what makes some 
people so much more sensitive to this than others?  Maybe you get used 
to it.  Not a single instrument I own has 0 latency due to digital 
conversion or MIDI latency.  The plus side is it makes my studio seem 
bigger to me in a subliminal way, I guess.  People have always told me 
that I'm not "all there" so maybe that's it.  I'm over there a bit.


On Jun 12, 2004, at 11:53 PM, David J. Grossman wrote:

> In theory, the idea of a digitally processed and modelled guitar 
> signal is a
> great idea. In reality, I feel that any significant latency in the 
> signal is
> unacceptable for my purposes. Especially since, as a bass player, I 
> strive
> to nail the beat and be in time with my drummer. That is the primary 
> reason
> I've stayed away from the V-Bass. Before I buy one, I'd have to be 
> 100% sure
> that the latency is completely inaudible.
> - Dave