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Music gear (mostly electronic) for sale


Pardon the cross-post. Please reply off-list if you are interested

I'm engaging in a pre-moving cleanout of gear that I haven't used  in 
a while. I'm selling the music items listed below.If you are 
interested in local pickup, I'm in Lexington MA.

Most things that are not spoken for by late this week will be put on 
ebay, where you might (or might not) get a better price. All prices 
include ground shipping to continental US

Ensoniq ESQ -M  with custom mod providing extra waveforms. This 
provides the sound capabilities of the SQ-80, which was never made as 
a rack unit. No manual

170 (shipped)  145 (Local pickup)

Korg Wavestation SR 260

350 (shipped) 325 (Local Pickup)

JL Cooper Mixmaster 8 channel Midi controlled Mixer (No manual)
125 shipped, 100 Local pickup

Electro Harmonix 16 second delay  (classic looping box) (No manual, 
none needed)
550 (shipped)   525 (Local pickup)

Roland MPU-101 4 channel; Midi-CV interface (No Manual)
250 Shipped   225 Local pickup

LExicon LXP-1 Effects processor
145 (shipped) 125 (Local pickup)

Bang & Olfason Beogram RX2 turntable -- MMC 4  stylus condition unknown
65 shipped  40 local pickup

3 level Ultimate Support Systems keyboard stand  -- needs disassembly 
or large vehicle
65/bo Local pickup

Misc percussion package
Bass drum pedal that was shipped to me by mistake and I never returned
Badly out of tune talking drum
Badly out of tune Indian 2 headed drum
Badly out of tune (and not tunable) frame drum

40/bo local pickup

Big Briar Touch Pad (X, Y, area controller) needs repair
This (purchased from Bob Moog's company about 20 years ago) was an 
awesome controller for analog synth gear when it worked, a pad that 
sensed position in x and y and the amount of finger area touching the 
controller. Unfortunately, it kept blowing out the y output and I got 
tired of sending it back to Bob Moog to get it fixed. I'm sure Bob 
would try to fix it again if asked.

Make me an offer.


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