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Re: Loop 4 upgrade hold up?

At 05:34 PM 6/13/2004, John Metzler wrote:
>Does anybody know why it is taking so long for my Loop 4 upgrade to show 
>up?  Or why no one at Aursis has responded to me to let me know what the 
>deal is.  I payed with Paypal and if I'm going to ask Paypal to try to 
>my money back for non-delivered-goods I need to do so before 30 days from 
>the order.

Hi John-
It clearly says that delivery time is 3 weeks on the ordering page of our 
web site. You ordered two weeks ago so there is no reason to be getting so 
antsy yet. We do offer rush delivery, which you could have chosen if you 
wanted it that quickly.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I've been busy with work and a different 
project and haven't even checked my email for days.


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