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Echo Pro - technical ping-pong

by default, my Line 6 Echo Pro only gives a ping-pong effect with the one 
specific 'model', not with the 'vintage' 

however, by patching (using the jack sockets) the left o/p into the right 
i/p and the right o/p into the left 
i/p... and then feeding the unit from an xlr i/p I can get a ping-pong 
delay from ALL of the delay models; 
repeats then being controlled with the output level control. (i was sooooo 
pleased with this:-) )

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to flip the feedback wires 
around INSIDE the unit (as normal), or is the 
repeat feedback done in DSP? If so, what is the chance of a software 
solution or a hack?


Capital One Classic 
60 second 
response online.  http://mocda.com/1/c/681064/117934/307081/307081

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