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Re: EDP Oversampling

On Jun 24, 2004, at 5:09 AM, Matthias Grob wrote:
> I think Jesse is making a good point there. I had not understood he 
> was asking about the HalfSpeed feature. Since the EDP does it by 
> lowering the sample rate of the D/A it may sound less clean than with 
> interpolation at full sample rate. And its not so wrong to call this 
> process Oversampling.

Actually, I feel that slowing the stream down sounds much smoother than 
interpolation. the HalfSpeed feature is something that actually makes 
me wish i hadn't sold my Echoplexen. there, i said it.

before that Kim Flint said:
>> The Echoplex and the old sampler pitch change by really changing the 
>> sample rate on the D/A convertors.

they both interpolate samples, instead of slowing/speeding the D/A 
conversion. there hasn't been an Akai that re-pitched the D/As since 
the S612, and not an E-Mu since the Emulator III keyboard (the 
rackmount used interpolation and digital filtering.)

which was in response to Jesse Ray Lucas saying:
>>> I was just curious since comparing the sound of an older Akai S2000 
>>> sampler
>>> against the sound of a newer S5000 sampler.  Although both are 16-bit
>>> samplers, the older model sounds "grittier" when you pitch samples 
>>> down or
>>> resample to a lower bandwidth.  The EDP sounds gritty, too, when you 
>>> shift
>>> into halfspeed.

I would assume the S5000 sounds cleaner because it has better 
convertors, better interpolation, better summing math. i've owned both, 
and i don't regret the upgrade one bit. the S5000 could be the best 
16/44 sampler ever, it's probably the last sampler i'll ever buy.
Eric Williamson